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16th Dec 2023 Mary Fee Local Exchange Tuition Site Tutorial Pages and Demo Site
20th Sept 2020 Mary Fee Integrated Community Currency Updated Power-point presentation
22nd April 2016 Stephen Walsh HullCoins well spent? City's Bitcoin for volunteers offers a new way to pay - Well-informed article in the Guardian by - LETSlink newsletter follows!
4th April 2016 Hanna Fearn Hull's bitcoin idea needs local government with backbone Earlier article in the Guardian spells out some misgivings
29th March 2016 David Boyle Local currency schemes and community energy aren't just for the middle classes Guardian Reports
April 2015 Mary Fee START A GROUP Notes of Guidance
Jan 2014 Mary Fee The structure of LETS groups Notes of Guidance
Jan 2014 Mary Fee Model Members Agreement Notes of Guidance
Nov 2013 Mary Fee Central and Local Hubs Policy Paper
Up to 2012 Events VARIETY OF LETS-FRIENDLY EVENTS Exported from Events Listing
Oct 2012 Mary Fee Solutions to the Economic Crisis LETSlink UK update
Mar 2011 UK News Beyond the Banking Crisis NEWSLETTER
Dec 2010 Mary Fee & David Strachan Updated standard constitution for groups to use. Notes of Guidance
May 2010 Mary Fee Draft agreement with Groups Notes of Guidance
Aug 2009 Mary Fee LETS and Project Funding Notes of Guidance
Aug 2009 John Waters Developing the LETS model Comment
Aug 2009 Mary Fee LETS and Transition Towns Comment
Jun 2009 Mary Fee Lets-Play-LETS Passbook Teaching Material
Jun 2009 Mary Fee Outreach Notes of Guidance
Mar 2009 Mary Fee Software for LETS Notes of Guidance
Feb 2009 Mary Fee Re-thinking Subscriptions Notes of Guidance
Jan 2009 Mary Fee Management Styles Notes of Guidance
Dec 2008 Mary Fee Going Online Notes of Guidance
Dec 2008 John Hall Currency Ideas Published on the Kutlets Site
Dec 2008 UK News LETS respond to Credit Crunch NEWSLETTER
Nov 2008 Mary Fee Currency Values Notes of Guidance
Nov 2008 Mary Fee LETS in residential communities Notes of Guidance
Nov 2008 Mary Fee LETS do IT - Committee Roles Notes of Guidance
April 2006 LLUK News Have System Will Travel NEWSLETTER
2/10/2005 Mary Fee, Richard Kay, and notes by Greenman Presentation on "Integrated Community Currencies" at WSFII Here are further notes Greenman and I wrote about the conference of systems folk at Limehouse Town Hall - pan down to "Why Build Your Own Currency System"
March 2005 Obituary Harry Turner News Item
Feb 2005 LETS Dance Update on initiatives in and around Southamptom Projects developing community through dance.
Feb 2005 Obituary John Howell News Item
Feb 2005 LLUK News UPDATE Features funding report and progress in the Southwest.
Jan 2005 LLUK News NEWSLETTER News Item
Sep 2004 LLUK News UPDATE Features funding possibillities
June 2004 LLUK News LAUNCH OF LONDON GREEN MAP LETSlink London is invited to become a partner of the London Green Map Project
March 2004 LLUK News LAUNCH OF AVALON TIMEBANK This is a collaborative LETS Timebank Project
Nov 2003 LLUK News THE GLORY OF ATHENS - Humorous one-act one-man play written and performed by James Taris James performed this play at the Network Theatre underneath Waterloo station, in London on 24/25th Nov 2003
Nov 2003 LLUK News The Christian Council for Monetary Justice combines its AGM with an Open Book Day News item widely circulated.
Oct 2003 LLUK News John Rogers announces Launch of Wales Institute for Community Currencies News item originally circulated via IJCCR Bulletin Board
Oct 2003 Mary Fee Comments on Report of Meeting of UK Southwest LETS organisers held on 28th June 2003 Prepared as an Agenda Paper for the follow-up meeting of Southwest LETS to be held at Flax Drayton on 10th October 2003
Sept 2003 LLUK News UK West Midlands LETS organisers visit Japan - UK LETS Research Project launched Malcolm and Balbir Currie of South Birmingham LETS and the West Midlands LETS Registry
July 2003 Alex Lawrie Report of Meeting of UK Southwest LETS organisers held on 28th June 2003 Includes range of ideas about improving delivery of LETS some of which are specific to the southwest but most of which are relevant to all organisers.
Year 2003 LLUK News New Project - LETS Co-operate This was about LETS and other co-operative organisations - more detail to be added from email correspondence
November 2002 Mary Fee & John Courtneidge LETS Cooperate Conference More papers to be put on website
March 2002 Mary Fee LETS in the Year 2002 Getting things moving again
Year 2001 Mary Fee About LETSlink UK Post-hoc Analysis
March 2000 Mary Fee London Links The original ideas behind the London-wide LETS
March 2000 Sabine McNeil Mutual Records The hand-held "Passbook" - low technology system
March 2000 Mary Fee Board Matters Trustees beginning to work together as a team
March 2000 Mary Fee Report from the LEPU Conference Conference coordinated by Peter North, now at Liverpool University
July 2000 John Mills Benefits - The Story So far More about LETS & Benefits
March 2000 John Mills Government Words - Government Actions The LETS & Benefits Saga Continues
Sept 1999 Liz Shephard Government Shows Vision on LETS About the LETS & Benefits Campaign
May 1999 Dave Shenton "Computing Corner" Article on Software for LETS in the May 1999 Newsletter
May 1999 Jan Wyllie The Importance of Being Prudent Written after the Portsmouth Conference for the Letslink UK May 1999 Newsletter
Oct 1998 Bernard Lietaer The Future of Money Presented at the LETSlink Uk Conference in Portsmouth on 16/10/98
April 1998 Announcement LETS Link-Up LETSlink London's first Conference - held in Merton on 25th April 1998
January 1998 Mary Fee Trading in Local Currencies Report of a Day Conference in Greenwich on 27th Jan 1998
October 1997 Judith Hannah Visions for Letslink London Report from the Launch Event of LETSlink London, held on 25th October 1998
October 1997 Mary Fee Time as Currency Report of a Day Conference hosted by the London Health Partnership on 15th Oct 1997
We will be scouring our email files to add to this list of papers. LETS members who would like to offer articles and papers of general interest please contact us. In addition we will be developing space accessible via the events and regional pages for local items, so do please send them in.

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