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London Links

How local is local? or How can organisations trade?

by Mary Fee, LetsLink London

We are in the process of launching a London-wide-LETS (LWL), trading in "links" to provide an easy inter-trading mechanism between the three dozen or so schemes which are members of Letslink London (LLL), and also enable other organisations and individuals to join direct.

     LETS groups or businesses using the services of their own members to trade with each other can still, however, pay them in their own currency. Another method of intertrading is for a member of several schemes who has too much of one currency, to swap with someone else who has the opposite predicament, a service which can be advertised as an offer in the newsletter. Or "links" can simply be used as an independent London-wide currency.

I wonder if groups of LETS schemes in other parts of the country have set up regional currencies, how the details have been worked out, and in general how well they have fared? In Scotland "scotias" and the Southwest "celts", the regional currency has been designed as notes which may be bought by cheque transactions within each scheme as long as each scheme does not exceed its credit limit, so they work as a common currency between schemes rather than a separate scheme being established.

We will report on the progress of these various schemes as they develop. Once more regional currencies are in place, we can then consider how or whether to link them up. We would value hearing your updates or views on these issues. Contact: Mary Fee: 020-7607 7852,,



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