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Latest on Southwest Region: Upstart leads the way

28th January 2005

Co-op Comes up Trumps

Thankyou to the Co-op Dividend Fund: We have just received the sum of £900 which we will be using to update the contacts information on this website. As LETSlink UK has no core funding, in order to make the very best of this grant, we will be treating it as seed-money and asking all groups to renew their membership subscriptions to support further development of the work.

Watch this space for news of progress:

As at 22/3/2005, all county pages have been set up.
NORTH: 9 counties, one complete, one partly done
EAST: 10 counties, four complete
WEST: (Wales + 3 counties): only Wales done
SOUTHWEST: 7 counties:, all done
SOUTHEAST: 9 counties: two done, one partly done
LONDON: partly done, not in this exercise.
Total score: out of 40 counties, 17 done/almost done.

Email lists (not displayed) have also been set up for each county to facilitate the forwarding of emails.

Southwest Meeting 5th February 2005

UPSTART leads the way. LETSlink UK representatives Mary Fee and Woody Bronson joined local LETS activists at a small but focused meeting organised by Upstart consultancy on behalf of LETS groups in the South West. After a news round-up from all those LETS organisers attending, we discussed a number of important issues including:
• CELTS: where next for the regional currency?
• Structures and future plans for SW LETS
• Developing LETS and Time Banks
• Setting up Housing Co-operatives

Watch this space for full report.
Meanwhile see report from West Exe LETS who attended

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