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Funeral of John Howell - Sunday 20th February 2005

Di Clift, from Godalming LETS, wrote:
I wanted to let you know that one of the great powers that have kept our LETSgoing for eleven years, has just died. He was John Howell - an extraordinary man, committed to social justice and a radical and original thinker, but also a craftsman - very practical - a self-educated intellectual with a fascination for the arts and sciences and a curiosity which never left him.

He died this week (aged 82) and his family are organising a 'green' funeral. He is to have a woodland burial at the South Downs Natural Burial Site at East Meon in Hampshire on Sunday February 20th at 11am. It will be a non-religious event at which everyone who wants is invited to contribute... there will be live music and refreshments. John attended many of the national LETS conferences so I wanted to let everyone know in case they would like to attend. Please contact me for more details.
Diana Clift, formerly coordinator of Godalming LETS
11th February 2005 • di@dianaclift.com

South Down Centre

John's Grave

Mary Fee, from LETSlink UK writes:
John Howell was always there, and came out in support at all the LETSlink conferences. I'm sadly aware that he was one of the stalwarts who have been at the heart of the LETS movement throughout the eighties and nineties. His passing has saddened me and made me only too aware of the work now needed to ensure that the wisdom and experiences of these earlier pioneers, who gave of themselves in the considerable work of organising LETS and encouraging fellow-members, is not forgotten.

Diana kindly sent me the above message, and I had almost overlooked it when a reminder came - the funeral was the following day! Not knowing how I could get there I called Terri because I thought he was somewhere nearby, and by a series of close shaves the next morning I managed to catch an early train, and Terri picked me up on the way back from taking his son to Heathrow. So together we were privileged to spend a special day at John's funeral service.

It was a non-religious home-spun ceremony with a basket-coffin in the beautiful setting of South Downs Natural Burial Site at East Meon in Hampshire. Appreciations and songs were contributed by three generations of John's family and a wide circle of John's friends including some fromthe LETs scheme. Thankyou Diana for inviting me and sending such clear directions, also John's family for welcoming me so warmly, and Terri for gettiing us there on time and bringing me back all the way to Kingston so that I didn't get home too late.

Further photos follow.
Mary Fee, Secretary LETSlink UK.




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