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Working Agreements between LETSlink and Local Groups.

Our first installations of online systems were for existing groups, and we have striven to accommodate ourselves to their existing ways of doing things. However, we have encountered varying levels of understanding of how to run LETS. There are many new enquiries from people who have no experience at all, and we are now in the process of creating new organisations from scratch and providing training in the basic concepts around community currencies, so it's even more important to set up a critical path to success. This is a first attempt to clarifying mutual expectations, as a part of this process. The document refers to "the group", but we will begin by communicating with a small group of founder-members, who will take on the initial responsibility of setting up the group and managing the website.

Organisational Structure
1. The group will familiarise themselves with, and adhere to the standard Constitution and Guidelines/ Agreement/ Rules for the operation of the LETS.

2. The group will give feedback to LETSlink about unclarities or difficulties in implementing the recommended procedures, and will communicate to LETSlink any changes in the wording of documents that they would like to recommend.

3. LETS link will likewise consult the group about any changes to documentation and procedures that are recommended by other member groups.  
4. The group will ensure that core group members are properly inducted into their roles and are able to carry them out between meetings.

Online System
5. LETSlink will set up and maintain the hosting of the website using the software chosen by the group, and link to it from the national website and other key sites.

6. LETSlink will provide technical and management training as required to the group as a whole, and provide appropriate support to individuals as required.
7. The group wlll maintain the website in a literate, accurate, and timely fashion, referring to documentation if needed, and will give feedback about its operation and seek help when difficulties arise.
8. The group will back up their data on a regular basis.

9. The group will pay any initial agreed costs (whether from existing funds, or from funding souces), plus annual hosting and subscription fees, and/or a tithing of income promptly when requested.  

10. In order to facillitate the above, the group will include LETSlink in initial meetings about the project and the circulation of committee papers, minutes, and email discussions.

11.  The group will keep LETSlink informed of contact details of all members of the core group, and notify them of any changes of personnel as they arise.
12. Having provided appropriate support, if LETSlink finds that payments are not being made, that the group is dysfunctional, or the system is not being maintained adequately, reserves the right to contact other individuals or members in general with a view to transferring to others the responsibility of running the LETS.  


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