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The Benefits of LETS...

Are there services you really need - like an electrician to repair faulty wiring, or an osteopath for back troubles, or someone to fix your car - but you just can't afford the cost?

LETS can help you get what you need. It gives you instant access to goods or services, plus interest-free credit. You don't need to spend cash.
Do you know people who are unemployed and seeking work, while others in the same neighbourhood need help or assistance, but they cannot get together because no-one has the money?

On LETS you create local currency which not only supplies what you need, but makes all kinds of trades possible for other local people.

Have you ever felt lonely because you didn't know anyone locally, and didn't know how to 'break in' to the local community?

LETS brings back community spirit. You can get to meet all kinds of people on LETS, and share your interests, or discover new ones.

Would you like to try out different kinds of work, or move into another field, but don't know where to start?

Try different things part-time on LETS. It helps you keep up your skills, develop other talents, or use skills the market does not value.

Do you dream of starting your own business, but hold back because you don't know if there'd be a demand for your services?

Test out the market for your services on LETS. It gives you more scope to start new ventures, or develop a new business at your own pace.

Have you noticed how quickly small local businesses and shops are disappearing, and how we have to go further to buy goods and services, most of which are no longer even produced in this country?

LETS supports small local businesses, and local producers of goods and services. It helps plug the leaks in the local economy, keeps money in the locality, and offers new employment and wealth for everyone.

Benefits to you, the community and the world...

Benefits of LETS to you

  • Access to many goods and services - many of which are rarely available in the normal market
  • Cash savings and immediate interest-free credit, reducing any need to borrow from a bank.
  • Opportunities to turn your unused time, skills and resources into assets, or to develop new skills through trading.
  • Freedom and flexible hours, with repayments as you wish to suit your own situation.
  • Being part of a supportive community - like having a hundred friends
Benefits of LETS to the community
  • Reaches the parts other currencies can't - eg those without bank accounts, lone parents, the long-term unemployed, retired people, disabled people etc.
  • A supportive, cooperative rather than fragmented, competitive community - cuts down crime, mental illness, vandalism etc.
  • Encouraging a better quality of product (doors made by carpenters rather than mass produced ones, fresh local food rather than supermarket meals).
  • Reduced waste, and import costs.
  • Leads to a thriving, diverse local economy which is less dependent on external capital.
Benefits of LETS to the world
  • More and better employment for every locality.
  • Less poverty, hunger, disease, social unrest and conflict.
  • Economic security - increased local production for local need. Self-reliant, mixed local economies are less vulnerable to the ups and downs of international markets.
  • Less pressure on the environment - more repair and recycling, fewer resources used, less waste, lower transport costs, less commuting, less pollution.


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