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Llanidloes & District Community Forum
Four-day Consultation and Networking Event: Community Cauldron
Minerva Centre (Llanidloes): 9-12th March 2005

Beginning with a series of collaborative exercises to develop a shared and accessible model of the local economy, we intend to tap into the expertise of those present to cover certain specific issues and (in particular) solutions in greater detail.

We see this as an opportunity for a wide variety of local organizations (in the voluntary sector, social economy, statutory sector, etc.) to communicate, discuss, learn, consult, organize, form relationships and co-operate, and to outline their hopes, expectations and needs towards the development of a Local Action Plan. For those who feel intimidated by public meetings, we hope its "drop-in exhibition" style will also provide a less formal framework for consulting the public about these matters.

The attached "leaflet" loosely outlines the structure of the event. However, we intend to retain a good measure of flexibility so participants will be able to re-prioritize certain of the workshops, presentations and consultation events.

Some participants will be taking a lead role in facilitating while others will be on hand to provide more detailed advice. In case some organizations are unable to provide a human presence; they are invited to provide us with a variety of literature, display material, etc., to help with filling in the bigger picture.

For more information, see the attached "leaflet" download
and then phone John Waters (on 0845 408 0472)
or Nick Venti (on 01686-412388).

Regards, John Waters
Centre Manager. Llanidloes Resource Centre
084- 408-0472 - lrc@telecentres.org.uk - john@grey-box.demon.co.uk

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