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The Creative Forum & Peace Not War
Saturday 12th February 2005
1pm till very late

@ St George's Theatre
49 Tufnell Park Road, London NW5

Networking and Creating Friendships
+ Practical Activism + Positive Change


How to Setup a Housing Co-op workshop with Chris Cook + The Conscious Fashion Week (www.conscious-fashion.co.nr), 'sailormars' collection and ethical alternatives + Building for the future: Open Ecology/Solaroof workshop (www.solaroof.org) + 'Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills for Creative Activists' with Masana De Souza + The Magic Carpet Ride - open creative space for children of all ages (www.infinitepossibility.org) + Revolutionation Philosophy workshop + Performance for Activists Workshop with Romany Blythe + 'Partners in Crime': notes towards a new definition of collaborateur with Ernst Travois + 'Wheel-less Yurt and Geodesic Dome' with Dyse + Positive Global Movements Exhibition with a talk by Jason Harris about the Alberdi community-run school in Venezuela + The Open Co-op meeting at 1pm (www.open.coop) + Egyptian Dance workshop + VJ Workshops + Philosophy of Creative Protest: The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest + Time & Telepathy Workshops with Paradox + Video making and editing workshop with Richard Herring + Post-production for Video with open-source software workshop by Antonio + 'Nonviolent Direct Action & the Anti-War Movement' with Voices in the Wilderness(UK) + Peter Forrest from the Green Light + Stand-Up Comedy with Ivor Dembina + Independant Cinema and anticopyright cinema with main feature 'Team America:World Police' + Anti-Corporate Feeding Frenzy (Iraq contract procurements) - informational meeting with Corporate Pirates + Banner Making + Mural Art workshop + Code Pink + Venetian Masks display + Music Workshops + Art Exhibitions + Indymedia stall + Infoshop + Amazing Food by the FBI & co...

8pm onwards is the
Peace Not War fundraiser:
'Make Love Not War'

+ Asian Dub Foundation Soundsystem + Carpetface + The Rub & Angel (electronic set) + The Unpeople + DJ Rubbish + DJ Disorientalist + Rhythms of Resistance + Samba Band + Robb Johnson + Pok
Hosted by Angel UKP5
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