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Complementary Currencies in Europe
Their Importance for the Economy,
Regional Development and Employment
18th-22nd July 2004
In the Catholic Social Institute, Bad Honnef (near Bonn)

The goal of the conference is to gain an overview of the complementary currencies that already exist and of their origin, to discuss their meaning for future economic development in the regions and to clarify their role in the overall economy and the social security networks. In doing this, we shall naturally also refer to experience that has been gained in other continents with alternative (regional) currencies. In this conference we would like to provide a creative forum for discussion and encourage the concrete exchange of experiences between people.

We expect:
• Initiators of complementary currencies
• Representatives of regional economic structures that work on the basis of complementary currencies
• Representatives of umbrella organisations and associations
• Scientists who are concerned with questions of complementary currencies
• Parliamentarians and representatives from ministries and commissions as well as
• Bankers

The conference will make strategic cooperation possible and make an essential contribution to the dynamic development of a corresponding network. In addition to papers and lectures on developments in the various countries, two days of the conference are set aside for workshops on the basis of the Open Space method. During this period, all participants will have the opportunity of presenting projects and initiatives in workshops of their own.

Cost 220 Euros
For more information:
Agnieszka Komoch
Conference Coordinator "Complementary Currencies in Europe"
18-22 July 2004,
Social-Catholic Institute, Germany
Tel: +49 5764 93040
Fax: +49 5764 93042


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