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KYOTO MARCH: Saturday May 15th 2004
Time to stand up for the environment
Time to make a stand against Bush

The Kyoto March is an annual event that allows people to get together and onto the streets to sound the alarm about the accelerating deterioration of the global environment and in particular the huge threat posed by the catastrophic destabilisation of global climate. It is a chance to make a stand against those with the greatest power who are most to blame:  currently George W Bush and his backers in the US fossil fuel industry, who sabotaged the world's efforts to deal with global climate change by dumping the Kyoto treaty now 3 years ago. Our event marks the anniversary of that greatest of environmental crimes.

Our event includes

1/ A 'Long March' from Exxon-Mobil HQ, near Leatherhead, Surrey, 20 miles to the US embassy, central London. Starts 7.oo am - but you can join anwhere en route (or leave the march, leapfrog ahead by tube/train and join again, etc..): for timetable and and 'night-before' accomodation near the start see below. ExxonMobil is the world's largest oil company and Bush's principal anti-Kyoto corporate backer : it has been waging a cynical war of disinformation on climate change, for many years. See www.stopesso.com.

2/  Rally at the Imperial War Museum, 3.30 pm for the main march (last leg of the 'Long March') through central London to the US embassy.

3/ Speeches and 'DINOSAUR PARTY'
at the US embassy, from 5.30 pm. The dinosaurs in the White House and the US fossil fuel industry,  with very large bank accounts but very small brains, are taking all of us the way of the dinosaurs. Join us for some MASS-EXTINCTION fun !

Route of Long March
: From Esso HQ, Ermyn Way, off the A24 just North of Leatherhead, follows the A24, diverging from this for Ewell centre and Wimbledon (Dorset rd, Hartfield Rd., to centre - Broadway, Merton High St to regain A24); then from Clapham Common via the A3, to Kennington Road, via which to the Imp War Museum. Timetable : 7.00 am, leave Esso HQ; 8.oo am Epsom Town centre; 10.20 am morden Tube; 11.15-12.15 Wimbledon Centre (Safeways,Broadway); 2.25 pm Clapham Common Tube; 3.30 pm Rally at Imperial War Museum; 5.30 pm US embassy, Grosvenor Square.


Go the whole way, join in along the way, or at the Rally at the Imperial War Museum for the march through central London......or come to the 'Dinosaur Party' at the US embassy.

Anyone joining us for the whole march who would like overnight accomodation with transport to starting point in the morning please contact us (contacts below) 

Dress code theme: Dinosaurs, extinct species, threatened species, Oil/Coal industry Dinosaurs, Bush/Cheney Dinosaurs, Uncle Sam Dinosaurs, or of course just identify yourself as a member of a threatened species !  Plus anything that shows Bush, Uncle Sam, Exxon fat-cats etc ...as climate/environmental villains.

Organised by the 'Campaign against Climate Change', Up-to-date details:
020-8855-3327,  07903-316331: www.campaigncc.org

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