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The European Creative Forum (ECF) presents
Visions of Another World
ESF Culture Working Group (CWF) launch and the ECF
Saturday May 8th 2004

Area10, Eagle Wharf, Peckham Square (Behind Peckham Library), London SE15.
Behind Peckham Library on Peckham Sq.) Bus - 12, 36, 78, 171, 343, 345/ Train - Peckham Rye or Queen's Road - Click for downloadable Display Poster

This will be an opportunity to meet with all the people involved in the ECF and develop the themes from April 10th in the run-up to the European Social Forum (ESF) in October 2004.

12noon-1pm - Entrance by donation
- Creche
1pm-2.30pm - Creatives Assembly
2.30-4pm - Break-off Groups
4-5pm-5pm - Feedback Session
- Workshops, Talks, Exhibitions Healings
7pm-1am -
Live Music, Dance, Performances, Screenings
All day - Food, bar and more.


Food and bar - All day - organic vegetarian food and drink, galleries, teas and coffees

Creatives' assembly - discussion about culture at the ESF. This discussion will be facilitated by Laura Sullivan (Spirit Matters) and (TBC)

Break Off Groups - space will be made available for anyone to suggest a favoured subject for a break off group.

Workshops, celebration and entertainment - theatre, poetry, mime, music, dance, juggling, photography, film making, painting, life web-streaming, video-making, large screen VJ-ing and computers

Who or what is Area 10?
Area 10 an arts collective and our host venue. Situated in the heart of Peckham, South East London, Area 10 is a multi-disciplinary creative hub, with members and guests fusing practices of dance, music, installation, painting, sculpture, sampling, photography, circus and live art.

What and who are the Artivists?
The artivists is an event that will be happening parallel and in conjunction with our event. it will be held in Peckham square directly outside area 10. Marking the launch of University of the Arts London - the new name for the London Institute - Artivists


A program working group was set up at the last meeting including Richard from this list, Rachel and Becca from the ECF and I am told that Ron from Area 10 was included. We should try to get as good a programme as possible by the next cultures meeting on next Tuesday 27th April (on floor 6 of the Royal Festival Hall). That will then leave us just over ten days to promote. In fact promotion should start now. If you have any performances, workshops art etc please send to the list or contact Richard. We in the cultural working group put together a massive list of supports from the arts and cultural community. We should now start inviting them, firstly to be a part of the assembly and discussion group and secondly to perform, help or put on a workshop

The assembly will be focused around a question posed by the Cultural Working Group and we'd need a first draft of the question so as to promote the Assembly and get all relevant people along.. I can't remember exactly but I think the question we posed on April 10th was "what space can we create for artistic, creative and cultural projects in the run up to and beyond the ESF??"

We've tried to incorporate much of what has been discussed on the CWG list and at the meetings. Previous conversations of what the CWG want from the 8th of May include things like:
1. theatre, poetry etc as a platform
2. oppressed communities and cultures as and important theme
3. promoting culture at the ESF as an objective
4. a meeting
5. celebration and entertainment

I've probably missed some stuff here so please add ideas and make the idea happen. as simply suggesting stuff will is a little late. We have lotsof performances and workshops that we're already trying to program but our network has made little or no contact with people from oppressed communities so please invite and add to the pot. the same with theatre. The day will have a diverse program of activities but needs more theatre, dance, poetry etc.

Oh, and we have no funding so every performer or workshop holder should be self-sufficient. Last time we just about broke even. There will be a big meeting after the event where all who sailed in her can decide where the money goes. In general we've been promoting the idea that money raised will go to support artists with transport and accommodation during the ESF.

We've added the idea of video, computers and web-streaming as a way of juxtaposing people and technology without in load amplified music, some acoustic and perhaps some amplified sound. So the theatre and dance etc takes centre stage. Tor this event we should team with WTF (What's The Future) and Indymedia. Life real-time streaming between us and another event, we should fill the place with 50 people with lap tops for virtual link up and documentation, as well as 50 people with video cameras filming everything. This could take the form of a workshop before the assembly and that continues as the films are being made throughout the day. People can feed videos through the tens of projectors and upload on to indymedia as well as some being used for the streaming. These videos could make up some promo material for the COG.

The theatre and spoken word etc, develop the ideas of how art and performance can help with social problems eg urban regeneration or mental health or other types of therapy - each piece, song or poem etc should be followed by a discussion or workshop or talk. And all being video'd as part of production workshops. It will be interesting to see just how we promote "Culture at the ESF" and if methods used can become a template for our outreach and integration work in other events in the build up and beyond the ESF...many have said in the meetings that of course we need to take this beyond a three day event. This will be one of our testing grounds..

We have a mammoth and challenging task. So if anyone can help or has someone they want to invite let's be active and get it going. At the same time I have no doubt that the event will be a magical success. What with the artivists, area10, COG, ECF and a whole bunch of other groups already working with the ECF I'm sure we'll place culture on the ESF map whilst reminding the ESF community that this all can be fun and we've got a lot to celebrate.



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