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Challenging the Recession
Can we Change the Economy? Yes, we Can!
Thursday 23rd April 2009

A conference focussing on practical solutions for individuals, NGOs and
businesses, organised by the Forum for Stable Currencies and LETSlink UK

With banks unwilling to keep money circulating, can people and organisations stay afloat by means of barter and complementary currency? CHALLENGING THE RECESSION brings together a wide range of experts to show that they can, and how. Complementary currencies have been around for a long time, and have taken various guises. Even before the current economic collapse, major businesses used barter for international and local transactions. At the individual level, Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS) have enabled people to trade without cash, both on- and off-line.

The current economic crisis shows a loss of confidence in political and financial institutions. CHALLENGING THE RECESSION will show how large, small and medium sized businesses, NGOs and individuals can find confidence by organising better means of exchange among themselves.

The Programme
The organisers of CHALLENGING THE RECESSION have extensive experience in creating events that form flourishing networks both on- and off-line. The conference speakers include: Lord Sudeley, Austin Mitchell MP, Derek Wyatt MP, Michael Grimsdale ACIB (Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers), and Abdallah Homouda, political scientist, respected journalist and TV commentator.

Others who will share their experiences include representatives of commercial and retail barter companies, as well as LETS groups. The programme will offer opportunities to connect off-line and learn about a variety of solutions. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the economic crisis, and come away with a variety of options for getting ahead in spite of it.

Sabine McNeill, Forum for Stable Currencies,
Paul Bower, London Civic Forum,

Sponsors: Bartercard, the world’s largest trade exchange • LETSlink, the UK's national LETS development agency.
Venue - Grand Committee Room, House of Commons.

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