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TRUTHFEST - Festival Event !!!
September 29th - October 1st 2006 - camping near Bristol

Truthfest is an event which promises to mix debate and discussion with some of the finest entertainment in the land. The current political landscape plus the need to challenge what is purported to be the truth is the inspiration for this event. The daytimes are to be given over to a series of speeches, debates and films all designed to encourage debate whilst the evenings will be a time to relax and enjoy some truly fantastic music. Our ambitions are for the people who attend to leave the festival feeling inspired and looking positively to the future. We intend to balance the serious issues with some known solutions and through the medium of chaired discussion hopefully formulate some new ones of our own. The event will be laid out in a novel and intriguing way with the daytime event presented as "The Spiral of Knowledge". The truth fest is divided into eight strands of thought that cover and interlock, and whilst this does not cover the entire expanse of subject that need to be reviewed, it is enough begin to gather a consensuses for positive action.

The eight fold path
1. Para politics - The covert influence
Since the attacks of September 11th 2001, a War on Terror has been fought worldwide against an unseen enemy who could strike anywhere, at any time. Speculation about the facts and theories of this paradigm event are widespread, by partisan, apolitical with the participation of all faiths. The guarded secrecy and lies surrounding September 11th 2001 and the Wars of Terror that it spawned, underscores the covert influence which corrupts government. Through dialogue, is it possible to come to a deeper understanding of the mechanics of war and create viable avenues of action to contest global Para politics?

2. Bioethics - The alternative perspective
The arrival of GMOs in the food chain has sparked a huge debate over the food we eat, establishing organic farming standards in the mainstream. However, with increasing cases of cancer fatalities and new diseases, modern medicine is now based on prevention and treatment of the symptoms rather than effective cures. Who benefits from a relationship held between the food chain, our health care and the biochemical industry? What are the means available to create a cohesive network for a real alternative?

3. Holistic Banking - The Money Talks
We all know it cannot buy you love, yet few will ever examine the method through which money is invested and often abused. Widespread financial illiteracy has created a fog of debt that devastates lives across the UK. Free trade agreements tie nations into financial contracts that use debt to gain strategic political and economic advantage. Using holistic assessments of the global banking system; is it possible to promote financial education to empower our modern lifestyle and address a worldwide monetary imbalance? A representative of LETSlink UK will be taking part in this forum.

4. Power Trip - The Unity of Energy
More and more of us are now aware that we need to re-evaluate how humanity is using its earth's precious resources. The UK government pursues the use of more nuclear power stations, while environmentalists argue that this is not a viable alternative to the energy crisis. Still a solution is no clearer. However, for over 100 years many scientists and inventers have declared they have developed alternative power sources. Dismissed by mainstream science, these inventors claim to have broken established scientific laws by creating Over Unity Devices. Could a future of Free Energy beckon? How will such a paradigm shift alter the fabric of society across the planet?

5. Dark Secrets - The Unveiling of Extremism
Fact: Secret Societies exist. Many heads of government, military, business corporations and aristocracy are active members within these organizations. How these groups exercise influence over society is speculation. However, unchecked convert meetings potentially create a dangerous breeding ground for extremist philosophies to prosper and also undermines public trust in the democratic process. As we work towards a transparent and honest society we have to question the function of secret societies in the governing of worldly affairs and our democratic responsibility. So how can we start to dispel fact from fiction and understand the role these organisations play in determining global policy and law?

6. Social Engineering - the science of society
The rise in civilian surveillance has blossomed along with a war on terror. As we give over more of our civil liberties to government and limitations are placed upon our rights to dissent more people are now questioning the concept of freedom. As new technologies are developed in this area what are the issues surrounding our rights to privacy in the 21st century?

7. Eco-futures - The Doorway to Autonomy
Everyone is now aware of the increasing difficulty to get onto the housing ladder. With the increase in the price of houses the rental market has opened its doors to help provide a cheaper alternative. In an industrialised world the ability to develop an autonomous live style seem extremely difficult. Given this dependency can sustainable ways of living be organised and integrated into our existing communities and what structure is needed to secure a more stable future for our children?

8. 2012 - The countdown to infinity
Many people look at astrology as star signs printed in the back of a news paper but rarely do we consider it in terms of the planets. History teaches us that the ancient cultures believed in the planetary movements as far back as Samaria. In recent times there has been a resurgence of theories around a planetary alignment that is set to occur on 2012, as predicted by the Mayan calendar. With the wealth of information at our fingertips presented through the communications revolution there can be no doubt that we are entering a new paradigm at this time. How far will this go and what will it mean for future generations?

Each of these paths is divided into three stages of learning each of which takes place sequentially but in a different location.
1. Talk Experts express their truths followed by a Question and answer session
2. Film Video evidence is presented that relates to the talk
3. Dialogue - Small groups break up and form solutions-based discussions
The purpose for this structure is to firstly allow participants to follow specific topics of enquiry and focus finally on small groups taking action. Secondly is will allow for a controlled output of information that can collectively be collated and used to strengthen the position of the underground movement for truth, peace and culture.

For further information you can visit - www.myspace.com/truthfest
or contact the organisers direct on: truthfest@googlemail.com
Tickets are for sale here - www.cultureshop.org/details.php?code=FEST


Currency-launch: the TRUTH

NB We are planning to run a Bureau de Change at this event, in association with LETSlink UK. Ideally we would like to have a totally "sterling-free" zone, but given the realities of companies using card-payment systems, this may not be entirely possible. However, we can use the currency in lieu of sterling cash for food and drink and other items for sale, such as books and videos, and also for providing food for volunteers.

The basic rationale of the is that the stall-holders will have have agreed a percentage with the organisers of their turnover, rather than paying a flat-rate for their stall, which at the outset establishes a "stakeholder" and "income-sharing" principle, and the notes will be used to record their takings in a "sterling-free" zone.

The Bureau de Change will be located at the entrance to the Festival, next to the ticket collection point. Visitors will be offered an explanatory leaflet/wallet containing "fiver" notes in exchange for the equivalent in sterling. Stallholders will be provided with change vouchers equivalent to "one" pound coin and a 50p coin, which they will give as change to customers. Anyone needing more vouchers can buy more from the bureau de change, and stallholders needing more "change" can likewise exchange "fivers".

At the end of the festival sterling can be retrieved from the Bureau de Change throughout the festival, in accordance with the percentage already agreed, and visitors can also change back their vouchers at face value. Any vouchers kept by visitors after the event, since it is only an "Event Currency" will not have any official value. However, if we took it to the next stage and made the design not easily reproducible by unauthorised parties, it could be used on an ongoing basis, at least within the small communities who are involved with the Truthfest......



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