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Thursday 10 March, 2005 (Fairtrade Fortnight Special) The fairest of them all?

Brand value and competitive marketing in a global economy

What does it mean to say that one represents fairness? Now that fairtrade products are available in almost every supermarket, the spotlight will fall increasingly on what lies behind these new 'brands', not only will their trading practices be examined, but also the conceptual integrity of what they advocate.

For example, if a number of new 'fairly traded' brands appear, what other than the market and competitive pricing will they base themselves on? Can each maintain its own version of fairness without reference to the others or will they eventually come round full circle to a competitive ‘beauty contest.’ We know what fairness is when we see it but how do we ourselves represent it in what we think and do?

In this 'Fairtrade Fortnight' special presentation and discussion evening, now in its third year, we invite participants to share their views and explore how deep the roots of fairness can go.

The associative approach to economics is based on the idea that economic life is the shared responsibility of every human being. Talking Economics is about making this responsibility conscious and finding ways to give it effect. It provides a monthly focus for consideration of current issues and events using real imagery and a descriptive methodology with the aim of restoring a human face to the ‘dismal science’. While the themes are loosely given, the activity is generated from what is brought by participants as perspectives and questions through the format of conversation. The evening events take place within a wider context of debates and publications through which associative economics is currently finding expression. Associative economics remains non-partisan, while surveying the wide and divergent range of thought currently informing modern debates - from neo-liberal to ‘alternative’ and including the ideas of

Rudolf Steiner.
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